Issue or Renewal:

Fill out and stamp your right thumb on an identification card at the Honorary Consulate.

If unable to come to the Consulate, you may contact us & give us your mailing address.

We will send you an identification card. Your right thumb fingerprint should be affixed on the card in front of a Notary Public and attach the following statement:

“Before me, a notary public, in and for County of ________________, personally appeared Mr./Mrs.____________________________________, holder of holder of travel document or Palestinian I.D. (Tazkarat Al-Hawiya) No._____________________, issued Date:________________________, Place:__________________, who signed and affixed his/her right hand thumb on the annexed identification cards . In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name at (County) ______________________________, (date)__________________(Seal)”


Fill out the identification card and present it to the Consulate with the following documents:

  1. Palestinian blue ID card with 2 photocopies.
  2. UNRWA refugee card with 2 photocopies.
  3. Actual travel document with 2 photocopy.
  4. The fingerprinted Palestinian identification card.
  5. 2 photos (Passport size).
  6. An American proof of residency (such as U.S. passport, Green Card, or a Valid U.S. Visa)
  7. Fees: $60/1 year or $180/3 years or $300/5 years. Money Order paid to the order of: Consulate General of Lebanon Los Angeles.
  8. Self-addressed stamped return envelope, WE DO NOT ACCEPT REGULAR MAIL!

Important notice:

  • If the travel document was issued before 1993/01/01 it can not be renewed, please apply for a new travel document.
  • If the travel document was issued after July 2000 it has to be renewed for the same validity period as it was issued.
  • To apply for a new travel document, please send us all the above documents, your application will then be sent to Lebanon for approval.